KissLine Color Mack Anthem and Trailer Box Ownable

Here is the second Combo, again on the Stripes Color theme, but with a different motif. This time I wanted to skin the Mack, I don’t know whether to make the other truck models too, also because they take time and above all images not covered by copyright.
I made this mod in 3 hours, I finished it 5 minutes ago, just enough time to see how it came in game and then upload it to the hosting site.

There is one little thing that would honestly send me to the asylum if I wanted to fix it. In the CabDay, on the deflectors, I hadn’t calculated that the four sides were actually the external and internal side. I do not know whether to lose the brain to understand which side is the external one and which the internal one. Please let me know if you want me to fix it, it will take me quite a while, or that’s okay too, at most if you don’t want to see that messy hub, even if it’s not really bad to look at, don’t put the deflectors on: D: b :

Compatible with Beta 1.39



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