Kenworth W990 v1.2.7

Completly reworked day cab interior back wall and roof (the roof is from t680)

– removed all shadow casters of all parts and made new ones
– removed all colliders and made new ones
– added colliders to main mirrors – now you can hit thigs with them so be careful
– added collider to the bullbar
– added 2 sunvisors from t680 and added light slots to them
– replaced hi-poly front bumpers with w900 front bumpers
– added light slots to front bumpers
– added a custom made light pack
– remade day cab exhaust pipes
– reworked sleeper exhast pipes to not collide with the cab and to not cover the doors
– removed all chassis variants and made new ones with wheel bases based on real trucks
– and many more…

harven, scs


5 thoughts on “Kenworth W990 v1.2.7

  1. Hello. I have an error on the dashboard :( pink color :(

  2. I can tell by the screenshot that the GPS doesn’t have the gamma fix. Its a glowing mess.

  3. Crashes when I visit any dealership.

  4. JayseHeiney2000

    im having all these problems too, except my game doesnt crash, the dash doesnt have a Texture on it either…. idk whats wrong with it

  5. BibbidyJimBob

    … It’s a stolen mod. Just get the one off Steam Workshop, you’re a lot better off that way. There’s no reason to be getting it from here if it’s on Workshop.

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