Kenworth W900L Chrome Shop v1.3

Version 1.3:
– The bumpers have been reworked
– Added 4 bumpers, each with 3 variations
– One old bumper was kept, with 2 variations
– Now there are 14 bumper options

This mod adds some accessories to the Kenworth W900L.
– Added new rear fenders
– Added 2 sideflare options with slots to add lights. For cabin 72 and 86.
– Added a doorstep to avoid conflicts
– Added 3 exhaust guard options
– Added 2 tanks based on the SCS. One chrome and one painted. I just changed the texture.
– Added more lights
– Added antennas with animation, the antennas are on the flag node.
– Added 2 rear view mirrors to place the antennas
– Added 2 headlights
– Added 2 filters with slots for lights.
– Added 6 positional lights
– Added 8 paintable Sun Visors
– Addeed 6 paintable Window Chops
– Added new Cabin Rear options
– Added trlr_cables options



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