Kenworth W900A Sound Pack


Sound Pack for Kenworth W900A

Adds 4 engines
– CAT 3406
– Cummins 275
– Detroit Diesel 6-71
– Detroit Diesel 8v92

All sounds are made by Kriechbaum, who has given me permission to upload this

You will need this truck to use the sounds:

Enjoy :)

Authors: Kallum, Kriechbaum


6 thoughts on “Kenworth W900A Sound Pack

  1. Justadude

    Splendid work, just as every other Kriechbaum’s sound. The 275 tuned could be a bit louder in interior view, but it’s great anyway :)

    1. Glad you like the addition. In terms of the interior sound, it can easily be adjusted. Just open the .scs file, and go to def\vehicle\truck\kenworth.w900a\sound and open the interior_275 with notepad. The njust edit the volume levels of the rpm sounds accordingly :)

      1. Justadude

        Thanks for the tip, will definitely try:)

        1. No problem. Good luck :)

  2. doesnt work with the scs w900???

    1. That is because it is not made for the SCS W900. Please read the description before commenting >:(

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