Kenworth T680 Next Gen 2021 1.43

Sale from the dealer Kenworth
6 chassis
3 cabins
Many engines
Your interior (4 options)
Support skins

Installation: The downloaded file is copied to the mod folder and connected to the Modov Manager

For the game version: 1.43.x



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3 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 Next Gen 2021 1.43

  1. Mod author dislikes America

    Call me petty but I really don’t care. The American Flag is desecrated in this mod. Interior accessories, flag on back wall. Photo shows the American flag scribbled over. Then on top of that if you click on it another flag appears on the back wall. TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR by Warryor3D. I will NEVER run this mod because of their hatred and prejudice of the American people and country.

  2. As per “desecration of American flag” – Typical example of a ###### hypocrite, (unfortunately Warryor3D won’t understand what that means, the word has more than 3 letters). Absolute guarantee the author wears American brand clothes, drinks American refreshments, eats American foods, watches American TV & movies, buys American products, clearly owns a game for Americana! Only proving they are a tool….. You just can’t fix ######, and this author is a prime example as to why some people should be forced to wear a sign stapled to there forehead to warn others of their stupidity.

  3. this truck look a beauty compared to the old T680

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