Kenworth T610 Enhancement Pack v1.0

The project started out initially just as a way to try and learn something about Blender by playing with models, but when I managed to make a few things I liked it kinda started to grow from there. Rather than make a parts pack that was just slapped together with random bits from trucks that didn't fit or didn't match I decided that reworking the T610's original models was a better choice. I wanted to at least try and maintain some semblance of visual continuity with the original truck, if not the level of quality Wolfi and his team had set.

-Lots of tuning
-Improved Interior
-Improved model

Working on patch 1.45x



Interesting videos

2 thoughts on “Kenworth T610 Enhancement Pack v1.0

  1. se ve muy bonita pero no agarra en mods :(

    1. Toaster9k1

      English please?

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