Kenworth T2000

Changes for ATS 1.48
Adjusted interior fov to correct one
Cleanup of bugs & errors
Fixed the sounds
Compatible with ATS 1.48.x

Created for game version : 1.48.xх
Own animated interior accessories.
Purchase in Kenworth dealer.
Own wheels.
Own sound.
Own interior & animation.
Own original dashboard computer by PIVA.
Chassis : 6×4
Paintable, skinnable, 4K template.
Original exterior tuning accessories.
5 modes of operation of wipers.



4 thoughts on “Kenworth T2000

  1. Rosetta Stoned

    I have no options available on this truck. Is there another mod required or something?

  2. Take it or leave it, up to you.

  3. Bull ####! You make things nicer as they are! I leave it and and hope that everyone does too!

  4. The mod does not meet the characteristics mentioned in the description, do not waste time downloading it.

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