Kenworth Rims Pack by Solaris36

Rims-1 Rims-2 Rims-3

At request by: Spectracon

Standalone Kenworth rims & real brands tires pack.

6 different custom Kenworth rims front & rear.
3 real brand tires front & rear: Bridgestone, Michelin, GoodYear.
Kenworth logo on rims but you can use on all trucks.
Fits perfectly with default rims & tires.

NOTE: If you have installed Kenworth K100 by Solaris36 don’t need this mod. Truck mod include that.


Author: Solaris36


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11 thoughts on “Kenworth Rims Pack by Solaris36

  1. Trucker_bob

    Aight! Thanks man! Thats the stuff I need!

  2. crash game …..with this mod ….

    1. solaris36

      It’s not possible.
      See gamelog.
      You have Kenworth K100 installed???

  3. Spectracon

    Wow thank you Solaris!

  4. Ryan Keller

    Ok wow Solaris this might be the best mod on my new W900 the stainless rims and good year tires look so amazing! thank you so much!!!

  5. solaris36

    Thank you all for your comments. :-)

  6. This is a well done mod, for sure.

    My comment is that the rims are too bright in the sunlight? They’re perfect in the shade but seem too bright in the sun. Don’t know if that can be tweaked or if others agree.

    Appreciating your work and willingness to share. Cheers.

  7. From all the ###### wheel mods out there this is at least a solid work. Thanks!

  8. Yves Daguier

    Can you do the same for the Peterbilt ?

  9. Sortavalec

    Будет ли адаптация этих колес под версию игры 1.2.х?

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