Kenworth K100-e v1.4.3

Changelog 1.4.3
– Updated and compatible for 1.49
– Interior animations update
– Fixed some errors in the log
– The shadow has been improved
– Automats/materials updated to new format

– 4 cabs (90″ flat-top & Aerodyne, 112″ flat-top & Aerodyne)
– 12 Chassis Variants
– 11 Exclusive interiors
– 6 Engines (425 – 600HP)
– 14 Transmissions
– Buy in Kenworth or Mod Dealer
– Tuning
– Accessories
– Lots of Interiors Variants and Styles
– Wind deflectors & fairings, that you would see on real k100 trucks
– Paint schemes, only based on what you’d see on real k100 trucks



2 thoughts on “Kenworth K100-e v1.4.3

  1. jdwarfer

    There’s absolutely NO update on this mod.
    Just check the files dates inside the .scs. Only manifest and description has been modified. It’s a scam.

  2. Just to mention the “actual” mod on Steam Workshop is out of date as well, and has been for a long while.
    I imagine the mod maker “MrOverfloater” has abandoned it.
    It functions but fills your console with warnings/errors.

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