Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater v1.2.5 1.46

- 4 cabs (90" flat-top & Aerodyne, 112" flat-top & Aerodyne)
- 12 Chassis Variants
- 6 Engines (425 - 600HP)
- 14 Transmissions
- Lots of Interiors Variants and Styles
- Wind deflectors & fairings, that you would see on real k100 trucks
- Paint schemes, only based on what you'd see on real k100 trucks

Fixed Incorrect model version
Updated for 1.46

Overfloater Chassis models are by SCS. Sounds are by SCS. Engine model was taken with permission from Harven's mods.


5 thoughts on “Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater v1.2.5 1.46

  1. Could you add this to Steam? That way it will update Kenworth K100-E by Overfloater mod I already have activated.

    1. Warren D Bamesberger

      While some of the files in this mod have been touched recently, the description has not been updated since ATS 1.45. Good probability this was not updated by Mr. Overfloater.

  2. Ok and thanks Warren. Will the 1.45 version still work with 1.46? One guy in the Steam workshop says it does for him.

  3. Red Wolf

    the one on Steam works but sometimes you don’t hear the horn sounds

  4. “Overfloater Chassis models are by SCS”. No mate. Overfloater made everything from scratch. If you mean they are based on SCS standards, sure.

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