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3 thoughts on “Kenworth C500 [1.44]

  1. hy ReneNate can you make some universal mod what can use in one mod activated like wrecker_loads and flatline_lights_renenate mod so you have ne if want use all truck in game

  2. Hi ReneNate,

    Your trucks are great! I therefore agree with ‘humanoid’ about one mod for the wreckers, because I would also like to use more of your trucks in the game.

  3. i get these errors with this mod installed

    [resource_task] Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/c500/truck.pmg’ with size 238966362
    00:14:24.929 : Wheel model instance 2 is missing for chassis ‘long.kenworth.c500.chassis’ (with model ‘/vehicle/truck/c500/truck.pmd’), expect crash.
    00:14:24.929 : Wheel model instance 3 is missing for chassis ‘long.kenworth.c500.chassis’ (with model ‘/vehicle/truck/c500/truck.pmd’), expect crash.

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