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Kenworth 680 Keystone Western Skin

Date 2016-03-01 16:07


Got asked to put this skin on the Kenworth 680 so here is the Keystone Western Skin.

More skins available for you to download on my website which now has a new address.

Facebook link on website

Author: Pauly


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4 Responses to Kenworth 680 Keystone Western Skin

  1. lhgtony

    Hi, Pauly, did you make that low chassis kenworth with blender2scs?

  2. I didnt make it mate was done by a friend of mine,wasnt released to public.

    • lhgtony

      Thanks. Just because I’ve been trying to make such a mod myself these days and encountered some problems. Nice skin!

  3. Sam Morris

    Hi, Are you planning to make A keystone Western Skin For some of the Freightliner Trucks???

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