IWR6-1 IWR6-2

Weather is the same as it was in IWR6. For desert weather, clear-sky probability was increased.
There are also a few “gifts” inside: american-standard headlight lightspot for trucks & traffic, reworked traffic & streetlamp lights.

As the title said, I think will be a good mod, I managed to port it for my use but surely I done it in the wrong way, I duplicate ‘default’ and rename it in ‘desert’ the rename the sun_profile’s to a new ones appending a ‘d’ :) yes! that noob way!
Anyway worked with Moon, clouds and all.. without errors in log, only some warnings like
Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘sun_dir’ of unit ..
I’ll insert a video with almost 24 hours in game, 4hrs. by courtesy of some highway joint


Authors: DorinDXN, supric


4 thoughts on “IWR6 To ATS

  1. Where I can get the temperature meter PC, as you have in the video screen? thanks.

  2. hello can you create mods is auto save mods is off for american truck simulator Thanks

  3. Lordamused

    Wonderful mod. 100X better than Piva. The reflections are nice, the whole lighting helps the game a lot.

    Only thing though is I would make headlights a little more brighter, as trucks really have strong lights.


  4. TruckerSteve

    For me, this looked great during the day

    Very dark at night, had to put full beams on, to see the road

    A.I trucks headlights not very bright

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