IWR r8 с ReShad

– The mod comes with Reshade is an advanced post-process injector, designed to improve the graphics in the game
– Yes tinted with original trucks
– Added flare,
– Added chrome,
– Rebuilt weather and skybox,
– And much more….

ATTENTION !!! Mod was adjusted taking into account ReShade. Its installation is MANDATORY !!!

Reshade is automatically enabled when you enter the game, if not included, you can enable it by pressing “Num1”.

In the archive are:

1. File IWR8.scs – it-yourself weather mod
2. Folder ReShade for IWR r7 ATS – contains a folder “bin” in which there are 2 folders: win_x64 and win_x86 that indicate the bitness of the game. The contents of the folder corresponding to the bit you want to copy in the game folder on the path: Example d:gamessteamappscommonEuro Truck Simulator 2binwin_x64 or win_x86.

When kopirovanie file ReShade take special attention and common sense.

Mod includes own weather and is not compatible with third-party weather and graphics mod !!!

Test on version 1.26.x.



6 thoughts on “IWR r8 с ReShad

    1. Disregard. It’s now working.

  1. tested on 1.26x. Works on ETS 2 too?

  2. This ReShade is debug mode enabled.
    (Upper left corner green and orange bar)

    If you do not like it, you need rewrite this section to 0.

    //#define alDebug 1 //[0:1]
    #define alDebug 0

  3. MopHead780


  4. Neodammerung

    Does anyone know how to fix this mod to be compatible with the latest 1.6 ?
    It’s full of errors :(

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