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Irizar i8

Date 2017-05-23 08:27

Only places the bus in the mod folder of the game enable you mod and go to the dealer Peterbilt

enjoy it babes!

Tested 1.6.x



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8 Responses to Irizar i8

  1. Chris

    Very nice bus model, do you think you could modify it/ change it to a Prevost or Mci coach? Something more American for ats would be nice, overall it is very nice!

  2. jawad

    not working

  3. Kieran Butterfield

    IT DOSE NOT WORK!!!!!!!sa

  4. Bob Babe

    Please don’t call me a babe. thanks.

  5. Arc Angel

    Pffft! Isn’t there a bus simulator for this stuff?


    Passenger mod please, Babe.

  7. Rio6542584

    That mod has been stolen from its originial author, it is supposed to be a paid mod so it won’t work properly. The authors are Ronald Cruz and Thiago Simplicio!!!!

  8. therepper12

    que coletivo ojala que ande

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