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6 thoughts on “International Lonestar

  1. This is not an International Lonestar truck, it’s just a look of International Lonestar, or in another way said, it’s just a Kenworth T680 dressed in International Lonestar clothes.

    Why bring here this kitsch ???

    1. You mean that it’s a Lonestar model over Kenny definitions, or is it just a paintjob?

      1. Didn’t see the vid before (adblocker) – outer model is a Lonestar, but the rest appears Kenny

        1. How I said, it’s just a International Lonestar metal skin, applied over the Kenworth T680.

  2. Hi,the file is offline…

    1. It is normal to be offline, as long as, this attempt of truck it’s not a International Lonestar, it’s just a International Looney Tunes.

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