International Lonestar 2023 v5.5 [1.48]

Harley-Davidson International Lonestar Edition

Nostalgia Update
Added Kmart Themed Items Such as 90’s Super Kmart Hat 2002 Super Kmart Hat
Kmart Themed Blankets Gray and Blue
2 Kmart Themed Air Fresheners Cherry Scented
New Kmart Mugs Super Kmart Center and Kmart Logo
Kmart Truck Skin for All Sleepers
2 New Stickers for Cabinet Super Kmart Center and Kmart
Super Kmart Center Lunch Box
New Harley Davidson Themed Items
Harley Davidson Hat
Harley Davidson Blanket
Harley Davidson Lunch Box
New Genuine Oil Mug
Genuine Motor Oil Steering Knob
Genuine Motor Oil Sticker

Updates To The Exterior
Replaced Harley Davidson on door to Lonestar 3d Logo
Fixed External Interiors They Show Up Correctly.
Brought Back the Original 5150 Badge For Sideskirt
New 2009 Style Air Filters With Flares
New Harley Davidson Logo Hood Deflector
New Headlight/Bumper Options
New LED Paint/Chrome Visors
New Bumper With LED Bulbs

Added New Red Backlight Variant to Harley Edition Interiors
Removed Stick Shift Since Automatic

New Harley Badges New Sunvisor edited by Jacob94.
Harven for his HX520h Interior edited by Jacob94.
Fiberton For His Hood Deflector, Magnum Bumper and Eaton Fuller Shifter from Lonestar Reworked Pack.
Lane Gaming for His Harley Hubcaps.
Krille for helping me with the new frame trim piece.


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