International 9700 Tipper v 2.5 [1.32.x – 1.34.x]

Changelog v2.5:
– Fixed Interior Textures
– Fixed Chassis Issues
– Fixed Tarp Over Limestone
– Added Collisions and Fixed Old Ones
– Removed Truck Text
– Updated Dealer (Peterbilt)
– Added New Chassis Option (Empty Dump)
– Fixed Exterior Windows
– Added New Engines
– Added New Transmissions
– Added SiSL’s Mega Pack Support
– Fixed Old Code (most part)
– Fixed Suspension Issue
– Translated Some Russian To English
– Got Rid of Useless Tank Option
– Added Custom Jake To N14

– Standalone;
– Dealer Peterbilt;
– 2 cabin options;
– 2 chassis options;
– 14 engines;
– A large number of transmissions;
– Its interior;
– Supported by the repainting;
– Tuning;
– Support for accessories in the cab, you want SiSL”s Mega Pack.

Mr. Trini Trucker, Seekers


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4 thoughts on “International 9700 Tipper v 2.5 [1.32.x – 1.34.x]

  1. Inter 9600, please.

  2. Chow says.

    International Tipper 9700 Peterbilt dealership finds in Seattle ,Washington,
    Medford, Oregon and Miami, Florida.

  3. i can work with this truck?

  4. This mod is terribly optimized. Dont guys. dont..

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