Increased Road Speed Limit [1.48]

Tired of too low speed limits on the roads in some cities and states? Do you think that your semi-trailer should not crawl like a turtle at weigh stations? Is your delivery job delayed for hours and city roads slow you down?

Added support for the beta version of the game 1.48
Reduced the effect of dirty/rusty signs
Minor fixes and improvements

The Increased Road Speed ​​Limit Mod increases the speed limits on the roads in the game, allowing you to further increase the speed of your truck along the way.

With this mod you get fixed speed limits of 40 mph (64 km/h) in the city and around 80-90 mph (128-145 km/h) outside the city.
In some places, such as weighing stations and slower speed zones, you get a fixed speed limit of 30 miles per hour (48 km per hour).
When enabling this mod or receiving a mod update, the initial game load will take longer than normal to update the road caches. This is fine.

Installation: unpack the downloaded file, copy it to the mod folder and connect it in the mod manager.
For game version 1.47. x, 1.48 beta



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