Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS 1.40

This Mod adding a More realistic American Trains With Realistic Sounds.
based by PIVA Train Mod and Sounds by Cipinho, Drive Safely and TruckerKid.
+ my Exclusive content.

Add classic diesel and steam engines, railcars and cabooses for sightseeing trains
For locomotives and rail cars add skins with names of his real companies.
Now all freight trains are drived by more locomotives, from 2 to 5 coupled head DMUs and some additional in the mid and(or) the tail of the trains.
The length of trains has been changed, passenger: 3-15 railcars (20 for Autotrains). freight: 15-60 railcars(up to 150 with addon), depending on the number of sections and type of locomotives.
Added realistic train sounds in new FMOD Sound Bank format.
All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.
also increased stopping distance for the all trains and added a miscalculation of their real mass by the game for greater realism of their acceleration dynamics and behavior on descents and ascents. accordingly, for each raft, the power is set as a multiple of the power of all its locomotives (not everywhere).

Changes in 3.7.2 for ATS (v1.40x):
The file structure of the mod has been completely redesigned. !! All addons require a mandatory update !!
Integrated addon ProMods Canada (third-party addon is no longer required and will not be updated + support for short and long train addons in Canada and Mexico)
Many models of railway cars have been altered in order to optimize them.
Added a backlit EOTD model to the back of the trains, replacing outdated Cabooses in modern trains (Cabooses are now only in classic and sightseeing trains).
Replacing the texture paths of open cargoes that were previously used together (previously released optimized texture pack can be thrown out)
Added files for regulating train traffic for individual states.
Returned Napa Valley Wine Train, California only.
Added a covered freight car with illegal extremal passengers.(urgent request not to repeat this in reality)
Cleaning the mod from obsolete unused .mat files

Changes in 3.7.1 for ATS (v1.40x):(not published)
Added Improved Mexican trains 2 and 3 locomotives (up to 10 for long trains addon) for the unified Mexico map: Team Reforma Map (no addons required)
Added one-deck containers and an empty container ship wagon.
Optimized all trains textures, Serialblack textures pack added to the mod.
Added container skins from Real Live Companies Revival Project by Pedrom029.

Changes in version 3.7 for ATS (v1.40x):
Rail Runner passenger trains added a push-pull version with cabin carriage and push locomotive.
Added railcar Autorack AMTRAK
Reworked and add sounds, thanks Cipinho

This mod must be placed above any other third party mods that affect the trains, except for my own addons.
The Mod is not compatible with other Train mods (Except for mods for which compatibility addons exist)!
The mod does not support versions of game older than (1.40).
For this mod not recommended increase settings “g_lod_factor_traffic” and “g_traffic” higher than value 1.0 or possible bugs and drawdowns FPS

3D models: SCS, piva & AlexeyP, POWE®FULL, toast123, fridge_company, lucien_lilippe, Kim Larsen, #test
Sounds by: SCS, Cipinho, Drive Safely, TruckerKid, steam sounds from free sites.
FMOD Sound Bank convertation: POWE®FULL
Skins: SCS, Pedro Martins, Serialblack, ProMods Team, Tem Reforma, PIVA, Eddie Yantz, POWE®FULL
Compilation: POWE®FULL

I am very thankful to all the co-authors for all their work!
Special Thanks to the authors from the [orange] [normal] website for the free licenses for the provided models

PayPal for Donations​​
WM wallets:
WM E066523113525
WM Z182435256071

Enjoy it and Have Fun!


DOWNLOAD 98 MB [mirror]

4 thoughts on “Improved Trains v3.7.2 for ATS 1.40

  1. Spawn fix for improved trains in both games (read the discription in mod manager)

  2. I really liked this mod – especially with the long trains addon. I use them since a long time.

    But now I do not use it anymore since the ai traffic is gone, what not happened with the previous mods. I do not want to use brutal or any other traffic mode, especially not the traffic mods from Cip (sorry I don’t like them – in my opinion they have to much influence on the traffic packages from Jazzycat and Trafficmaniac).

    Would appreciate when you do them in old version again.

    1. JUST DELETE Correct spawn fix for Improved Trains mod 1.40
      why download and install specialized addons, and then complain about the mod itself. mod has nothing to do with it.

  3. I didn’t want to complain, just inform what I found out.
    Anyway I use now your updated mod and I found a traffic mod in workshop. It works well again. I like traffic mods with small influence – just more traffic by day, and less at night and side roads.
    Again I appreciate your mod because these long trains remind me on my vacations in USA when I drove alongside of tracks.
    I respect every modders work.

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