Howell’s Motor Freight, Inc. Skin

Howell's-Motor-Freight-2 Howell's-Motor-Freight-1 Howell's-Motor-Freight-3

Founded in 1957, Howell’s Motor Freight, Inc. is a privately held, Virginia based freight carrier providing refrigerated, dry and frozen truckload and distribution services primarily to the wholesale/retail food and grocery industry and its suppliers.

Pictured on the T680 and should work in all versions

Author: Fid


2 thoughts on “Howell’s Motor Freight, Inc. Skin

  1. I have a request for you when you get your site up running. I downloaded this great w900 not the the stock from the game . and i was wondering if you could make some company skins for it like knight refrigerated, crete, werner, thank you

  2. i can Andre and i will …the site is up with a temporary domain for now but ill crack on with the skins for you and upload them there ok mate

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