Great Dane Old Trailers

Date 2016-03-09 14:29

Great-Dane-Old-2 Great-Dane-Old-1

Standalone Great Dane Old Trailers
Version ATS

Don’t upload the mod in the other link.

Authors: Original Model: Invasor Convert By: MiguelAngel988 Crisan21


10 Responses to Great Dane Old Trailers

  1. Trucker_Bob

    Thanks guys for this mod! downloaded it and enjoyed much!

  2. Bill

    Great trailers, however I dont see brake or turn signal lights turning on from the trailer…they do appear on the reflection on the ground, but not the trailer itself

  3. MiguelAngel988

    The lights are working properly

  4. hey miguel how to put the trailer invidually like trailer01 trailer02 i wanted to put colored wheel for usf . thx(only for private use)

  5. can i make a request could you Release Old School Yellow Fright System Dry Van a Standalone Super Please :)

  6. and could you make a Carolina and P.I,E Standalone Trailers Please :)

  7. upsguy

    Great job on these trailers. It’s nice you took the time for all the little details. I will add this mod for sure. Thanks

  8. Scott


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