Government Access Tunnels + Offroad Map v 2.0 FINAL

Government-Access-Tunnels-1 Government-Access-Tunnels-2

Version 2.0 final release:

* Added tunnel from Miami, FL to La Paz, MX (mexuscan v1.7.2 required)
more changes to Broken Arrow Central Hub
* Added better scenery to the majority of Interstate 10….. (a more pleasant drive now)
* Offroad map is located between Interstate 10 & Interstate 20 east of El Paso, TX. (on my el rancho grande)
* The Offroads Everglades is located north of Miami. (off of Interstate 75 south)
the Seattle as well as the mexico tunnel fuel stations do not charge you for fuel in the G.A.T.

Author: Rickpp

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12 thoughts on “Government Access Tunnels + Offroad Map v 2.0 FINAL

  1. FAVOR CRIAR MOD com compartibilidade com mod moeda brasileira.
    forte abraço.

  2. stefan romania

    crush.i have Government Access Tunnels + Offroad Map v 2.0 FINAL and mexuscan v1.7.2

  3. i only have one problem everytime i try to run the mexuscan 1.7.2 and coast to coast 1.7.1 map it crashes when i try to load game. so i am going to try this on 1.7 for both map versions.

  4. Hello, tout ok, merci. Si c’est la version finale, dommage, un tunnel reste fermé.

    Cordialement vôtre

  5. Hola, quiero comentarles que no funcionan los Mods como dicen las instrucciones. por favor tendran que revisarlos porque se sale el juego. sludos.

  6. Priority:
    1-Mexuscan 1.7.2
    other map mod
    2-C2C 1.7.1
    other no map mod

  7. Hi,
    I don’t find offroad Everglades…
    North of Miami off of Interstate 75 south ???
    Can you tell me exactly where it is plz ?
    Thanks. ;)

  8. sorry–this mod is incompatible with ATS Beta v1.3
    when U enable GAT V2.0 the northern part of Arizona is broken.
    Grand Canyon Village and Page disappear and the highway going
    north from Flagstaff is messed up
    will wait for a updated version.

  9. will it work on version

  10. will+this+work+wth+version+1.4+ats+and+in+what+order+do+they+have+to+be+installed+in+the+game+to+make+em+work+plse

  11. TruckMan2

    This needs updated for V1.29 of ATS and C2C, Canadream and Viva Mexico

  12. I am trying to get the code for codes for American Truck Simulator and what is the mod or the website to get it

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