Goldhofer Trailer

Goldhofer extendable empty and load trailer

– Weight: 15 Tons Empty
– Weight: 33 Tons Load
– Axles: 4 Axles
– Color: RED
– Lights: 6 led lights
– ATS Version: 1.6 and up
– Standalone: Yes
– Advance Coupling: Yes
– Errors: None fully tested and functional

Completely converted by habdorn



6 thoughts on “Goldhofer Trailer

  1. Thanks for this one.
    will you make make for ETS2 the tube version.
    now we have only the empty trailer.

  2. Alexandre Lebrun

    ### 1.6 you sure this version is exist ? ..

  3. @Willy1962+If+a+loaded+version+will+be+made+for+the+ETS2

  4. @Alexandre Lebrun We are very advanced

  5. renenate12

    i thought this was ats not ets 2 ####

  6. No trailer shadows!

    All new trailers now have trailer SHADOWS IN THE MIRRORS. All new Ai had shadows in the mirrors.

    That said this version is an improvement, so thanks for the continued work.

    I’d love to try it again, again with the shadows working. This is my second try!

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