Galvatron TF4 v 1.1 for ATS V1.33

ATS V1.33
Mod based on truck from Transformers 4 Movie.

>>>>> Version 1.1 ) <<<<<<


Fabio Contier

Changelog: (v1.1) by CHKnight
All cab interior animations working
added trailer air anim
added trailer brake anim
moved retarder anim to correct location
fixed int glass reflections
removed clock anim and tex added turbo anim and tex
all new button anim for eng brake, headlights, & high beams
carbon fiber dash panel with 2 looks
overall tweaking of interior textures to provide a more realitic feel
fixed ext and int mirrors
reworked a lot of the def files
trailer cables switched to US standards
fixed some sound files
organized mod folders and textures (Plays freindly to other mods)
fixed dash def issues so compatible with v1.33
new skin

Donations are always welcome

Fabio Contier Edited by: CHKnight

DOWNLOAD 97 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 97 MB [Modsbase]

4 thoughts on “Galvatron TF4 v 1.1 for ATS V1.33

  1. SCHADOW EAGLE - Peter Eagle Frederickx

    I’me Love This Truck…Exellent Work..Thx ;)

  2. Dashboard don’t show up properly; high beams don’t show up from outside… uninstalled !!!

  3. Ugly AF. Make new argosy instead of that freak truck. We had freaky ugly western star optimus prime #### and don’t have the original one and now seeing this one makes me disgust again.

  4. American Trucker

    The truck looks okay BUT 1) the interior dash is blurred beyond recognition, 2) the CK paint is worse and 3) the Share mod link doesn’t finish the download and Mods Base works but didn’t want to install it. Didn’t even try and start it but I’m sure it would of exploded! Looked like a good truck but needs more work!!

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