Freightliner Rim Addon Pack For Smarty’s Wheel Pack. [Tire’s Not Included]

Welcome to my first public mod :)

Report any issues, I’ll try to fix it.

Works for all game versions.

Ive put over 20/25 hours into this pack, I’m not done yet.

I’ll add some paintable ones and some acid washed ones in the future, But for now enjoy theses awesome Freightliner Rims.

Tested on 1.42, New profile, No errors, so this most is ERROR FREE.

Will need smartys wheel and tire pack for them to work, Theses are an Addon so keep that in mind.

Donation link If you want to buy me some coffee or a Zmodeler3 License

Smartys Wheel pack . [url=/][/url]

TruckerGamingYT, SCR Smarty


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