Freightliner FLD132

heres my new update for the classic! down below will be the changelog

1. added a stretched out chassis
2. added engines
3. added headlight lashes
4. 4 new shifters

when you download the mod there will be 2 extra folders, aero wings and the shifters, the reason there is a shifter mod is because when you use one of the 4 new shifters, they would glitch through the knob and other stuff on the basic shifter, so when you don’t have the shifter mod active, you could use the new shifters without having anything glitch through anything, and the aero wings is just if you want aero wings on the truck, enjoy ;)

any questions? feel free to text me!

trucking instagram – ats_randy_man_
main instagram – dat_boy_andy
facebook – Andy perez (look for a profile picture with a dude wearing dark glasses and a mask)



5 thoughts on “Freightliner FLD132

  1. Its not compressed inside the rar file… why?

    1. randy-man

      i just make a winrar folder and put the truck folder inside and the i just upload it to mega and thats about it

  2. Fatal_Rogue

    says file is no longer available

    1. i have same problem

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