Freightliner FLD v 1.5.5 by odd_fellow

1.5.5 update changelog:
– Mod is now officially ERROR free. There are some occasional texture compression warnings, but doesn’t have any impact on gameplay, fps or whatever.
– Every pmg model has been updated to the latest version.
– Log won’t be whining about camera azimuths anymore.
– Sidesteps moved to optional tuning where they belong, please check out.

First of all, if you like my mods and really want to endorse, become my patron on Your support matters. I’ll be making more high quality content with your support.

If you don’t want to become a patron and just want to throw two cents, here’s my PayPal:
[email protected]

Also subscribe on my Youtube channel:

I won’t even bother making a list of all tuning options as there are too many. I recommend you to pay full attention to all of the upgrade dots while in truck config menu, because sometimes it’s not obvious which dot does what.

If you play ETS2 and notice crashes while in truck config menu, it may be related to missing Accessories DLC. I personally couldn’t reproduce this crash on my setup/never had any problems with it.

You can purchase it at Kenworth (ATS) or Renault (ETS2) dealership. UV template included in the archive.

Tested on 1.28.x game version. It may conflict with my previous Classic XL mod, so remove it before activating FLD. You have been warned!

SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SUPPORTERS in no particular order (both Patreon and PayPal):
Rick Eggers
Thomas Parham
Evgeny Shmidt
Jared Jackson
Joseph Thorne

Now comes the boring part.


This mod is considered freeware and is intended for personal use ONLY. Reuploading, reselling, reclaiming ownership, unauthorized modifying, in other words, changing a few things and calling it your mod is strictly prohibited, you will receive a report and uploaded file will be removed.

Have fun!



28 thoughts on “Freightliner FLD v 1.5.5 by odd_fellow

  1. odd_fellow

    To whom it may concern. I’ll just leave this here.

    1. 1. It’s so clear you use parts from Jon-Ruda and Kriechbaum. Everybody knows who they are. Don’t lie.

      2. You shared a pay dlc of SCS for free. The thing you did is so bad.

      You are just a crying bad person. Grow up and do the right thing.(give proper credits, remove SCS dlc parts etc.)

    2. Ohh also you hypocrite, you put that here:


      This mod is considered freeware and is intended for personal use ONLY. Reuploading, reselling, reclaiming ownership, unauthorized modifying, in other words, changing a few things and calling it your mod is strictly prohibited, you will receive a report and uploaded file will be removed

      ^^Who the hell are you to claim ownership of that mod?
      People like you are the real reason of real modders quitting from modding.

      Shame on you and your kiddie supporters.

      1. R & T Trucking

        @oddfellow, Great Mod dude! Cool sounds too, The only thing it needs is Beacon lights on top, the slots on top don’t work for me when you add beacon lights to it, Great job though, Thanks for your work!!

      2. Damien, you’re thinking of mods82, or whatever his name is. This was uploaded by odd_fellow, and it is perfectly allowed to use DLC parts (he can’t control that, because he has the DLC and therefore the mod automatically has them as an option. either way it’s stuff that we shouldnt have to pay for a dlc for), and also, we know he uses those parts. With permission.

    3. can you add your truck on steam. its an awesome mod. our best truck on steam is a peterbilt and a volvo

  2. Hello !!!

    Ok!!! well !!!!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this work

    Best regard

    A french Fan

  3. Do i have to sell the old version and repurchase or can I just switch the mod?

    1. odd_fellow

      I think it’s safe to leave the truck before upgrading. Just make sure you check the STEPS tuning dot after that.

      1. Worked with no problem, thanks again odd_fellow. Excellent truck sir

  4. Nice job mate! Thanks for the update :-)

  5. For me, it worked without having to sell the truck.

    Incredible truck, thanks odd_fellow!!!!

  6. Jeffjam94

    are you planning on making templates for it?
    i have this truck as a typical workhorse and i would like to make my own little skin to go with it.

    1. Jeremy Burch

      A template comes with it.

  7. odd_fellow, firstly thank you for the beautiful mod.


    1. You can make the mod smaller. Use winrar and compress the files with maximum compression except “sound” folder. Then add the sound folder with “store compression” option. This will make you mod 446mb instead of 1gb.

    2. You put pay dlc items to the mod, this is not ethic. Just put def files if you are a good person. For example SCI wheels.

    3. You have alot of parts from other mods. So if you are a good person again, you have to add all of the modders names to the credits. You put a “disclaimer” but i think you forgot you steal/barrow/use parts from other people without a permission and proper credits. (For ex. Jon-ruda, Kriechbaum and many more.) Respect the effort of all the modders then think about yourself.

    4. There are still yellow tobj and mat warnings in the log. Fix them too.

    1. He’s not gaining anything (other than reputation), and also, read the desc of the video he linked. He does use them, but with permission.

  8. Odd_Fellow, I love this mod. Thanks for sharing!
    Would you consider adding nodes so that we could add our own lights?

  9. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Can somebody upload this mod for steam workshop?

  10. Change your name to: poor_fellow

  11. Not sure what others are on about but … beautiful work and thanks for the upload.

  12. can you add this mod on steam. everyone would love it. the only good mods we have are a Volvo and a peterbilt.

  13. nice… can u make a daycab ?

  14. Nice work, but no engine brake sound when outside the truck. If that can be fixed it would be great. Thanks for the great mod and the update looking forward to seeing more

  15. love the model, love the interior, love the sound! the only thing i dont like is the suspension… is too stiff, like a rock…Thanks Odd_Fellow!!!

  16. I+am+in+love+with+this+truck.

  17. Bill Alicea

    Love this truck, but it has a hard time attaching to trailers weather adv coupling is on or off.

  18. Great mod odd_fellow. I’ve been waiting a complete version of this truck as I absolutely love it. I drive this bad boy for fedex, so I was wondering if your going to make a day cab and 4×2 chassis for it next. It would be great for Linehaul runs.

  19. GodWithNoName

    I love this truck so much, the only problem is that the truck does not show up in the dealer. I tried all kenworth dealers, from traveling to them and buying online. No other truck mods installed that would conflict with the mod. Got any tips, the steam V2.0 FLD worked but it’s now incompatible with 1.32.

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