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Freightliner FLD 1.5 by odd_fellow

Date 2017-09-02 15:35

!!! I recommend you to download SiSL megapack for full tuning experience !!!

I won’t even bother making a list of all tuning options as there are too many. I recommend you to pay full attention to all of the upgrade dots while in truck config menu, because sometimes it’s not obvious which dot does what.

You will see yellow warning lines in log. It’s because of older pmd/pmg format used in this mod and it does NOT have any impact on gameplay. No red lines, crashes or glitches whatsoever.

If you play ETS2 and notice crashes while in truck config menu, it may be related to missing Accessories DLC. I personally couldn’t reproduce this crash on my setup/never had any problems with it.

You can purchase it at Kenworth (ATS) or Renault (ETS2) dealership. UV template included in the archive.

Tested on 1.28.x game version. It may conflict with my previous Classic XL mod, so remove it before activating FLD. You have been warned!

If you like my mods and really want to endorse, become my patron on Patreon.com. Your support matters. I’ll be making more high quality content with your support.

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SPECIAL THANKS TO MY SUPPORTERS in no particular order (both Patreon and PayPal):
Rick Eggers
Thomas Parham
Evgeny Shmidt
Jared Jackson
Joseph Thorne

Now comes the boring part.


This mod is considered freeware and is intended for personal use ONLY. Reuploading, reselling, reclaiming ownership, unauthorized modifying, in other words, changing a few things and calling it your mod is strictly prohibited, you will receive a report and uploaded file will be removed.

Have fun!



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26 Responses to Freightliner FLD 1.5 by odd_fellow

  1. rqs

    So so so so so so many errors. Wow, not so good.

    • odd_fellow

      These aren’t errors, i did mention it in the post.

      >You will see yellow warning lines in log. It’s because of older pmd/pmg format used in this mod and it does NOT have any impact on gameplay. No red lines, crashes or glitches whatsoever.

      I will fix it in the future just to make the log clean, but it’s safe to drive now.

      • Hulk

        .PMG files can be easily updated from within the game, it only takes a minute to do so.
        If these so called modders would spent some time and actually learn how to mod that would be great. Instead they send time inventing delusional “copyright policies” for their unfinished precious mods.

      • rqs

        Sorry, that is my fault. I didn’t notice that in the description. :-(

    • This is not a “##### out”, this is merely an explanation. Certain “errors”, aren’t really errors at all. warnings aren’t really anything to worry about, most are pmd or pmg file errors that are simple to fix. When you see THAT is when there is a problem with the mod and normally takes a lot more work, be it 3D or sii edits to fix the issue.

  2. Mr. Me

    odd_fellow, those who donate to your patreon, do they keep getting updates of the mods you post? As far as I know, you haven’t updated the Classic XL anymore which sucked since I used that truck for over 100.000 miles. I can understand how frustrating it is to see the stuff you post for free, being stolen and sold so that’s why I’m asking: if I donate, will I keep getting updates?

  3. Odd_Fellow, I can do the update in a few and email it to you if you want. I don’t mind doing it.

  4. *cough* CC protection is bulls**t *cough*

    • odd_fellow

      I get the irony. I don’t like CC term. But i don’t like the “reupload old mods and call it yours” thing as much. I find it dishonest.

      As of updating pmgs, i could do it myself soon, when the dust settles. Maybe a week or two. It doesn’t affect gameplay anyway, so it could be delayed a bit.

  5. Greg

    Great job odd_fellow, i finally have FLD :D

  6. odd_fellow

    Note for everyone concerned about warnings: 1.5.5 is on it’s way, i have fixed all that stuff already and a little more, so be patient.

  7. Jay

    I seriously just had to alt+tab out of the game to tell you this truck is freaking awesome. The sounds are blowing my mind right now. Well done sir!!!

    Quick question, is there a way to install a weight station pass device? I looked around the interior options, but not sure if I was missing it?

    Regardless, this is my new favorite truck!!

  8. Jeffjam94

    i love it odd_fellow.

    it looks good, sounds great, and it’s not to heavy on the FPS.
    and as a bonus, it has a ton of nice parts to it.

    all i wish for it is a weight station pass device so i don’t have to press F8 when i’m near a weight station to see if i can pass or not.

    But other then that, it’s a pretty good truck.

    i’ll enjoy it for many miles to come either way

  9. Norman Luke

    Hey what about a day cab with either a regular or short 6×4 and 4×2 chassis?

  10. Takoda Littlecloud

    Great mod Odd Fellow. I started out driving a FLD and it was great to reminisce in this freightshaker. Was streaming on youtube with this mod yesterday for about 3.5 hours. Awesome job and love the “old school” feel of things. No prepass system is needed, we all know what the beeping sounds are now.

  11. Ornery

    Odd_Fellow, you rock! Thanks for this!!

  12. Andy

    Wow! This truck is AWESOME!!! It amazes me how moders can produce better trucks, and faster, than SCS. I ran into zero issues with this truck. I’ve already hauled over 2,500 miles of heavy cargo with this truck and it works great!!!!

  13. an actual modder who knows how to update

    A couple problems I have with this truck: It changes EVERY horn button on EVERY sci wheel addon to have freightliner logos…. It also conflicts with numerous trucks, I’ll guess because there are parts used from other trucks (so NOT standalone) & the pmd/pmg files can be updated within the game…. What modder on the planet doesn’t know how to update pmg/pmd files?! Why even release this? It CLEARLY isn’t ready.

    • Andy

      You clearly have a issue somewhere in your game. This truck has caused me zero problems with my game. Everything works just like it supposed to. Before you go bashing someones mod, check to make sure there isn’t something on your end causing the issue.

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