Freightliner FLB USF


This is just paint for Freightliner FLB V 1.0 model

I hope you enjoy

!This mod, change all basic steel wheels in the game until red color.
If you want to get standard color back, open mod and delete (vehicle / truck / upgrade / rim)!

“People, respect my job and if you upload this mod in your webpages, use original, my sharemods link, please. Thank you.”



3 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB USF

  1. pacific2012

    Nice skin! Do you think you can create and publish the new and old (regular) Reddaway trailer skins as well? Possibly put them in a pack so we can use both at the same time in-game.

    I got some templates of the skin made already if you need. The back door of the trailer might need some work though, and the USF logo needs to be put on the front, everything else is pretty much spot on in detail.

  2. I’m put USF logo in trailer skin only for some pic’s . )) Trailer packs made jazzycat , I hope hes make wery fast . Now I create paint line for FLB , and lose my time only for this model . Maybe later I’m try to something else .

  3. Dr. Richard Heade

    Another great skin, thank you.

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