Freightliner FLB POZZi


This is just paint for Freightliner FLB V 1.0 model

I hope you enjoy

“People, respect my job and if you upload this mod in your webpages, use original, my sharemods link, please. Thank you.”



4 thoughts on “Freightliner FLB POZZi

  1. Dr. Richard Heade

    Pozzi Brothers from Kent, Washington, wonderful repaint, thank you so much.

  2. dude your skins are awesome. keep them coming. and do othe trucks too.. thx for your awesome job.. i really enjoy them.

  3. I have only few hours a day for modding . One paint take 2-3 evenings . I am glad if my work to like people . One big minus is , that many webpage don’t respect modmakers , and don’t publish our original download links . We are developing their websites, and these scum robbed us .

  4. Amazing i have officially have all your Skins :P listen do you think you could have a go at making WILLiG :)

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