Freightliner Classic XL for ATS (by H.Trucker)


Freightliner Classic XL truck adapted for American Truck Simulator by H.Trucker.

Changelog in this version:

– Update engines to American Truck Simulator
– Removed roof addons
– Removed grill addons
– Removed DLC toys addons
– Added some missing sounds

* Known error:

– Default temporary buffer is insufficient while reading ‘/vehicle/truck/freightliner.classic/truck.pmg’ with size 26331456

Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, H:Trucker


26 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL for ATS (by H.Trucker)

  1. ###? R u crazy ? Pete 379 or Fr Classic XL ?

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      Indeed, the picture is a Peterbilt not a Freightliner

    2. Is Freightliner Classic XL truck but the image is not correct sorry much

  2. H.Trucker

    Trucker is Freightliner Classic XL the image is incorrect

  3. Nice job for ATS. Thanks!

  4. lol

  5. so is this a 389 or classic xl?

    1. 379* i mean.

      1. No, isn´t 379, is Freightliner Classic XL but the image is not correct, sorry

  6. Freightliner Classic XL ??? what about Peterbilt 379????

    1. Yes Freightliner Classic XL, post title is correct but the image isn´t right, sorry

  7. This is pete 379 guys go check on net

  8. solaris36

    Look like this:

    not like this:

    It’s a Freightliner Classic XL….

    Nice job Haweky Trucker ;-)

  9. >Oleg Conte, Sergej Baltazar, H:Trucker

    Missing my name here, mate. Too bad.

    1. Sorry sorry sorry odd_felow but the website where I downloaded the original mod (ets2 version) does not have his name in the credits.

      I’m sorry really :(:(

  10. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS MODS: Freightliner Classic XL for ATS (by H.Trucker) American Truck Simulator

    1. Thank you Bl@ckWolf, nice video :)

  11. Faelandaea

    I am no trucker, but I am going to judge by the very distinct Peterbilt logo which is so clearly visible all over the truck that this is not a Freightliner.

  12. Jake Brake needs fixing, and some buggy green icons on the dashboard.

  13. solaris36

    The truck on the photo it’s a Peterbilt, but the truck in the mod it’s a Freightliner.
    It’s OK. Only photo is wrong.

  14. Дурак что ли!!! На скрине “ПИТ 379”, а не “Фред Классик”!!!

  15. RejIceman

    Try reading previous comments before posting your comment and looking like an #####.


    sure………….. just look again and see the bran of the truck

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