Freightliner Classic XL [1.3.1]

Freightliner Classic XL version 17.04.18 for American Truck Simulator (v1.31)

-Diler Kenworth
-Two cabins
-One chassis
-Home interior
-Own sound
-Work with a pack of accessories from SISL
-Registered in the company and orders of agencies
– Fixed crash when choosing a variant with a flat top cab
-Several missing interior details for flat top version
-No present (SiSL) internal accessories for both cabins
-No sounds
-Recovered the SCI steering wheel logo

For the version of the game: 1.31 (on versions below will not work)

Avtor: odd_fellow ,author of adaptation to the game version 1.31: Genius


17 thoughts on “Freightliner Classic XL [1.3.1]

  1. how+is+it+possible+that+this+mod+can+be+seen+in+the+truck+dealer+shop+and+that+other+trucks+can+not+be+seen

  2. how is it possible that this mod can be seen in the truck dealer shop
    and that other trucks can not be seen
    what is the solution

    1. It’s not a error of this mod ;) I see all other trucks.

  3. The author’s adaptation to the game version 1.31:

    In the title error: version of the truck from 17/04/2018, for the version of the game ATS 1.31

  4. I mean I see the scs trucks …
    but not the mod made trucks

    1. Are you sure this version of upd.17.04.18 was set for 1.31 and not the previous one?

  5. I mean that the peterbilt 359 v1.0a / kenworth k200- freightliner flb and many others can not be seen in the truck store

  6. update 1.30 everything worked
    update 1.31 no longer in the truck store

  7. CyrusTheVirus

    Changes in dealer truck definition files causes none of modded trucks works on 1.31 game version.
    Wait for the 1.31 stable and oficial version (not beta)
    All modders will addapt trucks to that version.

  8. when to freightliner columbia odd fellow

  9. ware is the air lines to the trailer

  10. If+it+is+possible+the+reflection+from+the+visor+in+the+interior+view+needs+fixing.+Other+than+that+I+love+this+truck!

  11. Heavyweight87

    No matter what engine or transmission I use, the ones included with the truck or standalone mods, it maxes out in last gear at about 55 mph. Speed limiter is already off in settings.

  12. supraman64

    i start a game only with this mod and i have pink chrome inside. No conflict mod

  13. This+mod+shows+up+in+kenworth+dealer+fine+in+1.32+and+seems+to+work+fine+however+for+some+strange+reason+it+conflicts+with+the+columbia+and+tries+to+combine+both+trucks+in+the+peterbilt+dealership+aswell..+Also+using+the+1.31+fix.

  14. This mod shows up in kenworth dealer fine in 1.32 and seems to work fine however for some strange reason it conflicts with the columbia and tries to combine both trucks in the peterbilt dealership aswell.. Also using the 1.31 fix.

  15. Correction not using the patch on this version. It was for a different version that did the same thing.

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