Freightliner Cascadia edited by Solaris36

Freightliner-2 Freightliner-1 Freightliner-3

Peterbilt dealership.
Fully standalone.
A lot of fixes.
Adapted to ATS.
Truck desktop.
Quick jobs.

NOTE: Interior animations need updating but when trying to import and updated deform and not work properly when export. Some warning lights from dashboard do not work. Maybe someone knows or can fix these problems.

Need minimum 1.2.x ATS game version.




Other works:

Authors: Truck: Jon_ruda, Sergej Baltazar Fixes, update, edit & upgrade: Solaris36 Skins Bellavance by: Solaris36 Interior stuff by: SiSL Sounds by the Great Kriechbaum


39 thoughts on “Freightliner Cascadia edited by Solaris36

  1. You are a star mate thank You

  2. Been waiting for this truck and really hope someone can get it working fully.

  3. Thank you, Solaris!
    Great truck.

  4. Very nice model but very hard on frame rates for a lower end computer, Also the Gear ratios are off as with the 9 speed 2000 RPM at 65 mph is really high for that setup.

    1. solaris36

      Take note. Thanks for informing. I always say that reports errors, bugs, bad things, etc.
      I thank you really to do better still gradually.
      (Google translator….)

      1. Other then my issues with it and one is I just can’t afford to buy a new computer, Its a really nicely done truck. I kinda wish there was a more spartan interior for it. its an issue I have with a lot of trucks you make, they are good trucks but if you could make the stock interior and add the upgraded one as a option to buy. along with that and the chrome on the dash. I normally run about 15 fps but with this truck I drop to 7 fps, I can live with 15 but 7 is really choppy.

        1. solaris36

          I’ll do a test with interior elements in low-poly and chrome optional board, to see how it goes. :-)

  5. The main mirror shows themselves

  6. solaris36

    Thank you all. :-)

    1. After test driving it, I’m going to hold off on driving it just yet. Has you stated it still needs a little more TLC done to it.

      1. solaris36

        What means TLC? :-S

        1. Cuando quiero descomprimir el RAR me dice que no tiene nada, ¿porque? :(

        2. It’s a beautiful truck no doubt about it! It’s just the mirrors need to be fixed and the headlights. Also if this truck could be compatible for low end PC’s that would make many low end PC gamers like me very happy!

        3. TLC = Tender Loving Care :)

  7. solaris36 TLC means simplly it needs more work (“Tender Loving Care”)

    I really like the plate on the front bumper as an add on part in that location,wish all trucks had it. THANKS ! !

    is there a way to have stickers as a add on part ? Like company name on the doors and state road tax stickers on the side of the truck.

  8. i waiting very Long for this truck. solaris36 you make the best mods. i have a lot of your mods in ats and ets2. Keep working on your good mods.

  9. Beautiful truck, nice detailed exterior and interior. The biggest problem for me is that the main mirrors are faulty; they show the image of the hood mirrors. This makes navigating very difficult and ruin immersion in game. Also the headlamps are not very nice in game as they are just a patch of light.

  10. solaris36……thankyou mate!

  11. Tried this truck out (gave it a spin).

    I noticed that under the sleeper on the drivers side there is another steering wheel. I don’t see that on other trucks.

    Really like this truck. THANKS

  12. solaris36

    Well, first of all, thank you for test and report bugs and things that you believe can be improved.

    9V Eaton Fuller gearbox are fixed.
    Speedometer are fixed.
    I’m working on mirrors, hood and main. I hope today are solved.
    Later I want to make a “light version” to low-end pc’s, with optional chrom parts, to install or not and interior with low-poly parts.

    Thank you again for your comments and support. :-)

    1. I had a change in heart. I will be driving this truck, but will be looking out for the updated version for this truck. Thank you sir!

  13. Solaris36 if you can, can you fix the wipers they are to big please make them smaller thx great mod btw

  14. Great start on a great truck and I think it could still use some work and looking forward to the updates.

  15. KontiovaaranJuhani

    Video, please?

  16. Can you update this to the Evolution model? Just the sideskirts need updating

  17. solaris36

    Hi guys, I’ve see on youtube videos, some people have mirrors that are working ok, other not. (Can see 5 or 6 videos on youtube searching \ats cascadia\).
    So I made many modifications on hood and main mirrors.
    Ahhh ohh to people that note dropped fps, eliminating hood mirrors I gain 10-12 fps. I have done tests of the interior, changing materials and chrome but I have not gotten much, 1-3 frames.
    Can you download this test patch to try it and see if problem is solved? :-)
    Thank you all. Remember: higher priority than truck mod.
    (I need it because in my game have always worked well).

    Awaiting your test results. :-)

  18. Justadude

    Hey man, great job:) You think you could do the 122SD in the future sometime?

  19. Ferrari920

    Thank you SO MUCH! You are awesome! Could you possibly make a Day cab version too? That would be great!

  20. This is a bit nit-picky I understand but the side mirrors on the inside and outside both include a wide-angle mirror. I’m sure this is known and just needs to be updated but just in case. Also, I agree with whoever said above that there should be a stock interior, too, because it’s just not very realistic, in my opinion of course.

    1. solaris36

      Hey, read above and test it. :-)

  21. Good truck. Can you help us out with a Cascadia Evolution model?

  22. Very nice, hope to see the dashboard indicators fixed one day

  23. Thank you very much solaris 36! I hope you will continue to improve this mod. Of the requests – make the wipers more small, add on-board computer as FREIGHTLINER Classic, and improve the interior (dashboard and everything else).
    Sorry for my English.

  24. love the mod, but for some reason the gps wont work for me (gps’ and on the laptop) do you know why?

  25. With a few more fixes this truck will be one of the best mods out on this site in y mind. I tested the mirror test mod, and it works so thats great. But, I would still prefer a low end pc version as I only get 13FPS.

  26. SwiftTrans

    the headlights are fine with my its just the main mirrors that pose a challenge when driving even with track ir

  27. could you please put this on steam workshop I have trouble with downloading mods off the internet it would be more continent for me….thanks very much from what I’ve seen and heard this mod is amazing!

  28. how come i cant download this mod ?

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