Ford F-100 1956 v 1.1

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1.1 update:
– Fixed F2 mirror crash
– Added ATS licence plates
– Added real hook for Mini trailer and Caravan trailer
– Added Cummins engine sound.
– Wipers wipe away rain (at least some).

Elaman, Diablo, Turn10 ; v1.1 rework by vasja555


4 thoughts on “Ford F-100 1956 v 1.1

  1. Stolen mod!

    1. The mod was never stolen. This truck mod came out roughly 2 years ago by the author for free. Get your facts straight.

  2. how do you know if its stolen or whats not it may be the owner uplodeding it to a difrent website for more downlods

  3. Hi all. I am the author of this mod (Elaman). all the mods that I post, and give my consent for the renovation and adaptation for the new version of the game. I don’t mind. thank you for your help

    Всем привет. Я автор этого мода (Elaman). на все моды которые я выкладывал, даю согласие на обновление и адаптацию для новых версии игры. я не против. спасибо вам за помощь

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