Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.3

Fontaine-Velocity-3 Fontaine-Velocity-2 Fontaine-Velocity-1

Version 1.3 Changes
-Fixed some of the cargo’s
-Fixed problem with empty trailer versions being to heavy
-Added CyrusTheVirus’s traffic mod standard into the mod
-Fixed manifest file to say correct version

Pack adds 30 Cargo’s
3 Different Trailer’s
-3 Axle Stepdeck
-2 Axle Spread Stepdeck
-2 Axle

All standalone.
Works on any map.
For version 1.3.x
Compatible with Jazzycat’s packs and many others

Copyrighted mod under licence TEEQ-79NQ-EMUD-COL2

Hardtruckisthebest (Ivan), Yankee Trucker (Aaron), petercar379 (Corey), Bayonet (Chris) – Original Trailer
Zetor165Maxterra – Changes to Trailer and Cargo’s
Jazzycat- Cargo’s
CyrusTheVirus – Traffic

Thanks to TheBlueKnightTBKS for Idea’s for the Cargo’s and Research


9 thoughts on “Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.3

  1. thanks for this update and put 2 mods together.

  2. Download link is stuffed, click where it says “Free Download” and nothing at all happens.

    1. click free download.
      click away spam
      click free download again.
      click away spam
      than you can click download file.
      it takes about 4 minutes to download.
      it works by me.

  3. Does it have advanced trailer coupling?

  4. Maybe you can take a look at this mod.
    with Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.3 I get a crash.
    I`ll tried 5 times and evert time after a few minuts a crasg
    I putt in Fonatine_Velocity_V1.2 & Fontaine_Velocity_V1.2_traffic no problems.for now I use the last option.

      1. Fontaine Velocity Pack v 1.3 give a crash !

        1. Before I have :
          Fonatine_Velocity_V1.2 & Fontaine_Velocity_V1.2_traffic no problems

  5. Could you make a version of this with CyrusTheVirus’s traffic mod seperate, like you had in 1.2 or fix the traffic. Majority of the trailer traffic is this mod. It kills the Reefer Trailers, I don’t see them at all or very very rarely. I also use Jazzycats Trailers.

    Or tell me how to delete the files in the .scs download.

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