Fliegl Semi Trailer 2 axis and 3 axis


Tested version

Standalone Fliegl Pack

LS15 Convert
– Fliegl_Semi Trailer
– Liebherr L538
– Krone BigPack
– NewHolland RB150
– Traeger by Roadhunter
– Komatsu Forklift by unknow
– Cistern Container by TZ
– concrete pipe by fin050808
– hub by internetfund


– Fli_semi 2achs Liebherr L538
– Fliegl-Semi 2achs Leer
– Fli_semi 2achs Traegerfundament
– Fliegl-Semi Komatsu 2x
– Flie_Semi 3achs Liebherr L538
– Fliegl-Semi 3achs Leer
– Flie_Semi 3achs Traegerfundament
– Fliegl-Semi Cistern Container
– Fliegl-Semi Krone Ballenpresse
– Fliegl-Semi NewHolland RB150
– Fliegl Semi Windblatt Nabe
– Fliegl Semi 3x Beton Roehre

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

Credits: Roadhunter

Converted By: Zetor165Maxterra

TZ, fin050808, SCS, internetfund, unknow, Roadhunter, Zetor165Maxterra



16 thoughts on “Fliegl Semi Trailer 2 axis and 3 axis

  1. visible in AI traffic ?

    1. No not as of now because of some of the wider loads the AI will crash into other cars and it doesn’t know to take wide turns based on the trailer and cause problems, just enjoy the pack and if you find any problems be sure to let me know and I’ll get them fixed

  2. Compatible with other trailer pack ???

    1. Haven’t tested it with any yet but I’m guessing it is sense it only adds trailers and doesn’t really replace any. Like I say it the previous comment if you find any problems with the pack let me know and I’ll do my best to fix them. Also there’s not to many trailer packs out there really. Anyways good luck and have fun using this.

      1. Thanks, I will try ;)

        1. Thank You I just tested it with a few other trailer packs and it worked fine and it also works my trailer packs. Just be sure to try to use the same version as it was tested on for the best chance of it working correctly.

          1. Tested on & I confirm that working perfectly, thanks for this awesome trailer pack.
            In the next version could you please add more ADR cistern trailer class 2,3,4,6,8 it would be great addition to this awesome trailer pack.
            All the best from ROX !

      2. scania_dragon

        why do you release it, when you does not tested it ?

        1. I said I hadn’t tested it with many of the new trailer packs I’d tested it and fixed all error’s and stuff I’m not to release a mod i haven’t tested

  3. Humpfester

    Running this in 1.2.x.xx and so far no issues, thanks for sharing

    1. Great!! Thanks for testing it for me. I hadn’t tested it on that version yet because it was still in beta you know but that makes me happy to hear it’s working. Thanks Again and have fun trucking.

  4. Nice work mate! Could you do some trailers containing corrosive substance, toxic ect ? It’s very rare to get a trailer job for those kind in vanilla game.


    Beautiful trailers, very well made, absolutely worth the download, using this on coast to coast map with a bunch of other mods works great. I’m on ATS V 1.2. Thanks to all the people who worked on this.

  6. Roadhunter

    sorry, there is no permission about me to convert and offer this Mod in ATS

  7. low resolution trailers not very detailed but they work in ATS V 1.2.

  8. Eh. Not bad, but not realistic. You don’t see these trailers in the USA.

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