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Fedex ground skin

Date 2018-01-28 18:06

Skin only for Peterbilt 579. I wanted skin to be colory.



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6 Responses to Fedex ground skin

  1. Pohldriver624

    Why upload something like this?

  2. Доброжелатель

    бро скин хорош но фон надо закрашивать а то черты шаблона видать

  3. Gabriel

    Too much transparency to the skin, template now it can be seen.

  4. AM

    More like – Fed Up – I used to work for those slave drivers for 10 months.

  5. CarCat

    Yeah… you used the template and slapped on a FedEx logo from Google Images in random places. We didn’t even need another FedEx skin in the first place- but again, why even upload it? If you wanted it to be colory and unrealistic (which almost nobody in this game wants) which you like, why bother? Also: Again, why does stuff like THIS make it through the post moderation, yet my perfectly good, realistic, appropriate skin gets denied. Hmm.

    • Thor

      It’s not all about you, and maybe it’s because of your abrasive comments? Or you are not as good as you think?

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