6 thoughts on “Fedex ground skin

  1. Pohldriver624

    Why upload something like this?

  2. Доброжелатель

    бро скин хорош но фон надо закрашивать а то черты шаблона видать

  3. Too much transparency to the skin, template now it can be seen.

  4. More like – Fed Up – I used to work for those slave drivers for 10 months.

  5. Yeah… you used the template and slapped on a FedEx logo from Google Images in random places. We didn’t even need another FedEx skin in the first place- but again, why even upload it? If you wanted it to be colory and unrealistic (which almost nobody in this game wants) which you like, why bother? Also: Again, why does stuff like THIS make it through the post moderation, yet my perfectly good, realistic, appropriate skin gets denied. Hmm.

    1. It’s not all about you, and maybe it’s because of your abrasive comments? Or you are not as good as you think?

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