F150 Raptor 2017 v 1.0

Date 2018-06-06 20:02


– Corrected physic (better stability and control)
– Corrected prices
– Corrected many errors
– Better render for plastic parts
– Added real shadow under the car (no more big square)
– Added unlock levels
– Removed unecessary files
– Removed green windshield tint
– No more BMW X6 sound (lol), replaced by my F150 sound
– New skin 2017 off-road
– New skin Tonka
– New skin Shelby

Thanks to Azorax Modding for making this mod for ETS2

Authors :
Azorax Modding, LeafeonGold, conversion Mahad110


2 Responses to F150 Raptor 2017 v 1.0

  1. Itz_Zenith

    Can you add a construction skin with a flashing yellow light bar beacon?

  2. Geez, this site has gone to the dogs! If it isn’t UK trucks it’s this kind of stuff, shame.

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