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EXP x7 and money x7 / more experience

Date 2017-02-12 10:30

IMPORTANT – this mod works with freight deliveries, but not Quick Jobs. So buy your own truck, and this mod will work perfectly ;)
Here you go, in this mod EXP x7 and Money x7 (+100% for delivering cargo such as ADR/Fragile/
Just in Time etc.) So basically this mod works like this: You get x7 EXP and Money per Mile, so it doesn’t matter if you use custom trailers, because it will work
with any mod without any problem.

This is what you get in this mod:

x7 EXP and/or x7 Money (also x7 exp for hired drivers)
50% discount for buying fuel in garage
Parking bonus – x exp or x exp depends on which parking method you prefer.

You can download only exp mod x7 in the first link or
exp x7 and money x7 in the second link.


DOWNLOAD 16 KB xp and money

Comments (14)

14 Responses to EXP x7 and money x7 / more experience

  1. michael

    another #### mod

    • Steve

      Yeah, you basically repeat the same thing for each money/XP mod. We get it. Now kindly buzz off.

  2. Why waste time doing these kinds of mods when anyone can do this themselves if they choose!!! Shame on you.

    • ElfsTV

      That’s true, but there are at least 2 flaws with your argument.

      1st. I was too lazy to make it for myself, but I couldn’t find such mod (that’s why I had to do it myself).

      2nd. I’ve made it for myself, so why not share with others? I know most of the players knows how to make such a mod and it’s pretty easy, but there is some who can’t. For example: if you would supply every mod that you make for yourself, maybe I wouldn’t even need ETS2studio, but no.. everyone has to do it themselfs..

      • OK, both valid points, but it’s a waste of you time to share it here!! Most of the players of this game think these kinds of mod are, for lack of a better word, ###### and useless!! Not me, they can be helpful for kicks!! Sorry if I offended.

        • ElfsTV

          Sorry, I wasnt in the mood and overreacted quite a bit. I’ve tried to play without any mods first couple of months, but later on I couldn’t play so much it wasn’t as much fun as it was before. That’s why these days I’m using this kinda mods.. To be honest, I use x3 version for myself :P

  3. How does this work? does not work for me….

    • ElfsTV

      You need to activate it as any other mod, but as it says at the description: IMPORTANT – this mod works with freight deliveries, but not Quick Jobs. So buy your own truck, and this mod will work perfectly ;)

      So this mod only work when you’ll buy your own truck and it doesn’t work while you’re doing ,,quick jobs” with rented truck

  4. yuh

    won’t work with v1.35…

  5. Nathan steam name AloneCrash1

    Add it to steam workshop please

  6. Aron

    x7 money won’t work with 1.37

  7. NonSKittles

    i downloaded the mod applyed it bought my onw truck but doesent work fore me

  8. DAK

    I’m very new to downloading mods for games other than getting them from steam.. and I’m wondering where I go to find the mods I install and activate them to be used in game.

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