Exhaust Smoke v 3.0

This mod modifies the original Kenworth W900-Peterbilt 579_Kenworth T680
and adding smoke off all exhausts
After you install smoke continuously.
Tested version 3.0
Update: FIX Other Bugs
* Respect the download link *



5 thoughts on “Exhaust Smoke v 3.0

  1. White smoke its not good ahahahahahahaha

  2. TruckerOne

    Uhhh, how nice, lean leaks but the smoke comes straight up. Good job!!

    1. Maffe SWE

      Do it better yaself then…
      Be glad for people doing mods insted of cryin over it…

      1. White is the best, because when u have black smoke, there is black snow-wind in snowy maps (ats-alaska, ets2-island) thats looks very bad and unreal.

  3. If you can’t do “exhaust smoke” correctly, then why do it at all. So much for SCS’ so called “realism”.

    Don’t ##### at me, SCS is the one that says they have “realism” in their game. It’s right out there on the internet.

    My reply to “realism” seeing as I am an extrucker that ran coast to coast… Not hardly at all is there much of any realism in ATS. You keep turning ATS into a mockery of the US trucking industry with every update you do.

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