This mod replaces textures for the roads around the ATS map.
If you like to take cool pictures and want to take a look at the ATS world, then this mod is for you! Most road textures are new and made based on real world images!

• Changes from V.1.0
– New dark granulated asphalt with longitudinal cracks
– Some other fixes for road textures
– Cracked gray asphalt textures are fixed
– Light gray asphalt texture is reworked
– New new asphalt textures

• Changes:
– Various textures have been adjusted to match tire tracks with traffic flow
– New textures for paving at truck stops and sidewalks
– New dusty asphalt with crack texture
– Adjusted road lines textures
– New gravel road texture
– New fresh asphalt texture

Compatible with New Mexico DLC or any other DLC
Works with map mods.

Talita Ahüva


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