Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic for 1.32

-This mod is adding in traffic some of the scs doubles, triples and heavy trailers
– you need to own the Heavy cargo DLC to use this mod and my traffic density mod which contains the spawn files of these additions; load order is not important
– this mod includes the old doubles and triples from 1.31 (the 1.31 files have been imported in this mod in order to work in 1.32)
– added new dry bulk double trailer and the double and triple flatbed
– increased spawn ratio of the new doubles and triples in traffic (dump, flatbed and dry bulk)
– trucks assigned to doubles/triples/heavy cargoes have personalized sounds and colors

Cipinho, Mr Larrington, Jazzycat, Todor Alin


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5 thoughts on “Doubles/Triples/Heavy Trailers in Traffic for 1.32

  1. did not work

  2. kevincr22

    Crash the game, delate it

  3. game log and let’s try to solve it together ;)

  4. What a joke. Doesn’t work at all..

  5. Richard Cavote

    works just fine for me

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