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Double Trailer ATS Siebel3D Edit 3.0

Date 2017-06-12 09:29

Here, the new version for double trailer.

Many people said that doesn’t like the mats/textures of this mod. I downloaded it, and see many things that I could change.

New things:

1. Better mats;
2. Vertices painted;
3. UI Shadow fixed;
4. New organization for mats and textures;
5. Hook/chassi height fixed;

Enjoy it!

Siebel3D, Sn4k3r, RTA


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21 Responses to Double Trailer ATS Siebel3D Edit 3.0

  1. Sn4k3r

    Good job and thanks to let my name in credit.
    I look at your edit and I see the same error in my version.
    Open def/vehicle/trailer/double_test.sii, inside delete this:

    accessories[]: .double_test.trwheel3

    and this:

    vehicle_wheel_accessory: .double_test.trwheel3
    offset: 6
    data_path: “/def/vehicle/t_wheel/duble.sii”

    No more redundant rear wheel removed in gamelog ;)

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks Siebel3D,

    This looks way better, and companies added like i did, really awsome man

    I hope you can/will make it possible to make it skinable on the next files:

    trailer_paint_b1.dds and trailer_paint1.dds so both sides of the trailer are in the right way each side.

    Keep up the good work mate! Thumbs up!

  3. pedro

    thermoking painel temp

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    You’re welcome and files i mentioned You can find in version 1 and 2 of sh$k3r’s mod.

    Btw i put back in the automat files from an earlier version, because i had some missing textures, maybe i am the only 1, but for what it’s worth i say this.

    Hope to see more comming up Siebel3D

  5. Mateus

    Really great work!
    Can you doo a variation with red turn signals (US Style), pls?

  6. Would be cool, if you could make a tanker version of these :)

  7. Siebel3D

    I put a note in here. I’ll remember this for next projects.

  8. Erik


  9. james

    I have noticed that a few dropoff sites are too far forward or sitting in trapped areas that you either can’t deliver or move out of after delivery. It would help to see if this item can be corrected in the future. just FYI

  10. mark

    how can i play that double trailer, when i put it in ATS then launch the game. I can’t see that mod. please help me

  11. Rob

    Is it possible to have drop off points that require you to reverse the doubles in, great mod but would be awesome if you could add this because pulling straight into a delivery point is not a challenge. Thanks

  12. muerteh 650

    Will there be more trailers in the future?

  13. Lee

    Hi guys. The trailer still does not show ingame. I`m using V1.6.2. and I`m in level 38. I see the mod and activate but no job with the doubles.

  14. Real company logo’s are not showing on the trailers. am I doing something wrong?

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