Dodge Challenger SRT

Volvo dealer
Own wheels
Own interior
Sounds (2 options)

Ownable Caravan trailer included in the mod and can attach ownable Mini trailer mod for ATS 1.32+ and smaller Caravan trailer for Freight market. All these trailers can be installed simultaneously.

Berat Afşin , Metehan Bilal , Nazımcan Küçükateş; ATS adaption vasja555


3 thoughts on “Dodge Challenger SRT

  1. SidVicious

    Not downloading, I’m not disabling my adblocker just for you, forget it…..

  2. do not download this mod have trojan. just making sure you dont get a nasty virus on your computer just because of your love for dodge challenger ;)

  3. drevon evans

    this mod will give your computer a virus dont touch

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