Dispatcher v1.1


– Mod Update To Game Version.
– Fixed Problem With Cones.

Tested Game Version

knox_xss, Nikola Kostovski, Welder1987, Тимур, Update – Schumi


9 thoughts on “Dispatcher v1.1

  1. can you remove the cones as it doesn’t look right when parking in tight spaces the wheels will go through the cones.

    1. гоба против

    2. клещ корал кстати тоже

  2. Is there same mod with cones for ETS 2? Can’t find one.

    1. Yes there is, look at ETS2.LT

  3. Trucker_bob

    what does the mod do and please videos.

    1. Faelandaea

      Look at the screenshot. No videos needed. The whole thing is very self explanatory.

      To the uploader: Thanks for this :) Downloading it now :)

  4. This is nice mod but it has obe big bug !!!
    When i go to the Truck Dealer, there do not apears any icon where i have to stop for entering the shop !!! No icon and no man standing …

  5. Any chance to update this great mod for 1.5 game ? :o

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