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DCS Mods Weigh Station Rebalance

Date 2016-03-04 15:19


Fed up with the constant requests to stop at weigh stations?
This mod cuts the chances of a stop request by half.

Author: DarkCyde

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8 Responses to DCS Mods Weigh Station Rebalance

  1. Only problem with this mod is that it overwrites the default trigger_action.sii, eliminating all of the other trigger actions in that file. Better to keep the original contents of the file and simply change:

    trigger_action : trig_action.weigh
    name: “ATS stop to weigh”

    command: “weigh”
    target: “_player”

    num_params[]: 0.6


    trigger_action : trig_action.weigh
    name: “ATS stop to weigh”

    command: “weigh”
    target: “_player”

    num_params[]: 0.3

    and leave the rest of the trigger actions in the file. Otherwise, this mod completely removes weight_check, pay_toll, sv_unlock, cam7_on, cam7_on_off, hud_deactiv, hud_parking, show_item_r, hide_item_a, show_item, hide_item, trg_activf, trg_activ, trg_disabler, trg_enablea, trg_enable, and trg_disable all from the game, creating tons of errors and glitches.

    The author locked the file, but it was easy to unlock and open the sii file to see what was going on that started causing my log to go nuts. If anyone wants to prevent this, simply open /dev/world/trigger_action.sii, look for trig_action.weigh and then change the 0.6 to whatever you want, which in the case of this mod is 0.3. Leave everything else alone or this mod will overwrite that file and remove all those other triggers completely from the game.

  2. Trucker_bob

    oh good i was always fed up with these i like my game in baby mode thanks

  3. You sure know how to take the realism out of a trucking simulator don’t you. Its part of the trucking experience plus you don’t even get a ticket its just a quick stop.

    • Trucker_bob

      what, It is really better and with the speed mods to make speeds easier i want them to make the speeds more real of speeds like 100 every where so you do not get tickets. this mod is really cool why are you moaning at it

      • Why would you want that? How about you go play need for Speed , trucks don’t go 100 mph. Not stopping at Chicken Coops is ######, you have to stop at one at some time or other in real life so why wouldn’t you do it in the game. You people that want all this stuff taken out of the game that all truckers deal with every day is just freaking ######. If you want to just drive around and ignore everything that makes the game what it is then go play something else.

    • lice

      Its not realistic to be stopping for a weigh station every 5 miles. Including weigh stations in ATS’s small scale completely ruins the continuous freeway driving experience.

    • drgad

      Yeah, so realistic having a screaming beeper in your earhole at 4 minute real time intervals. Ever driven a real truck? No? Shut up then.

  4. PredatorBeing

    I honestly would like a random 1 to 3 trucks to wait behind going into the weigh station.

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