DAF XG/XG+ 2021 for ATS

Quick and easy conversion to drive this new truck in American Truck Simulator.

Everything works correctly.

Can be purchased from the mods market.

SCS, jorgent97



4 thoughts on “DAF XG/XG+ 2021 for ATS

  1. congrats for the mod, nicely copied
    it’s not just the “copy & paste” from ets – you actually have to edit the connectors for the trailer cables, or you you’d end with just the red cable “created” as it is with (almost) all ets conversions

    1. and this is just based on the videos you provided, although i am considering using this mod, as my MB Actros mod is becoming more Frankenstein than I want

  2. Ian Sejojo

    Thanks for this mod
    My one problem is the head light the don’t actually work well.

  3. Fabio Christofer Lins de Oliveira

    very good mod, the only problem is that the back is buggy

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