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DAF XG/XG+ 2021 for ATS

Date 2021-06-27 09:33

Quick and easy conversion to drive this new truck in American Truck Simulator.

Everything works correctly.

Can be purchased from the mods market.

SCS, jorgent97


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3 Responses to DAF XG/XG+ 2021 for ATS

  1. Aquaris

    congrats for the mod, nicely copied
    it’s not just the “copy & paste” from ets – you actually have to edit the connectors for the trailer cables, or you you’d end with just the red cable “created” as it is with (almost) all ets conversions

    • Aquaris

      and this is just based on the videos you provided, although i am considering using this mod, as my MB Actros mod is becoming more Frankenstein than I want

  2. Ian Sejojo

    Thanks for this mod
    My one problem is the head light the don’t actually work well.

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