Custom Peterbilt 351

AMT-Aiightis Peterbilt 351


This is a major update and is being released seperate to the previous version so I can update it when necassary.
Please sell your old 351, and remove the mod before trying to use this one just incase.

Many thanks to everyone invloved.

Too many changes to list from the previous version.

Change log:
1.0: Original mod
1.1: Added retarder stick animation
Fixed headlights def file
1.2: Fixed green tint on headlights
1.3: Fix for patch 1.36 DX11
1.4: Updated engines and transmissions
1.5: New UV unwrap and template
Added wiper shadow for interior view
Separated headlights from the chassis
Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo as an option
Added xenon headlights as an op

truck credits previous:
Update to ATS 1.5.X: AMT, LaiLai Hei, Aiightis, rednek
DD8V92 Sounds: KW_Driver and guidot
caterpillar engines(real spec)and sounds by rednek
Custom parts by: AMT, Viper2, Aiightis, Quattrophobia
The author of the original model previous: JAWA
Converting to ETS2, animation: Stas556.
Help in 3ds Max: Smith
Help in the permit: dmitry68, Myshanka.
Sound: Kriechbaum & JujuQcTrucker
Thank you for your help Knox_xss!

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3 thoughts on “Custom Peterbilt 351

  1. Windshield wipers do not work

  2. Can you modify mack anthem Please

  3. I cannot access the truck in the mod dealer. Can someone help please?

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