Container Skin Edit for the Southern Cross “ SuperLite ” B-Double from RTA [1.28]

For versions of the game ATS 1.6.x and 1.28

This is not the Trailer mod, only Container Skin edit of Trailer mod (payware from RTA)!

This Mod adds Skins of the following Companys

TS Lines
Hamburg Sued
Tank container gets Suttons
Trailer chassi also gets used look

Place it in priority higher then Part 1 & 2 of the Trailer Mod if you want to use the used look chassi and Tank container.

RTA-Admin: – Help with adding new Company’s for the Skins

Woha: – Transfer of the Skins and Used look of Chassi & Tank

Authors Cargo Skins:

Roadhunter: – Original Hammar Boxloader V7 Trailer where I got the Skins from
TSM Team – Skins 20ft 40ft Reefer, 20ftOpentop 20ft_Box
EED123/Mr_Zer – Base Container
Andrey M. I Tomas – 40ft Container
Steini – 3x 40ft Container

Authors Trailer and Cargo:

Fire-Blade: – 3D model.
shiva3d – Tank Container
RTA Mods: – model preparation,conversion.
Kriechbaum: – Technical support.
PAPY11: – Beta testing.
Imperator3: – Beta testing.

————————————————– ——————————————
Trailer Southern Cross “Superlite” Skeletal B-Double RTA-Mods v2.0 can be downloaded at:
– Website:

Skin from Hammar Boxloader v7 can be downloaded with Trailer Mod at:
– Website:

————————————————– ——————————————
!!! Don’t share without Authors !!!

I am thankful for any Feedback !!!

Woha, Roadhunter, RTA


15 thoughts on “Container Skin Edit for the Southern Cross “ SuperLite ” B-Double from RTA [1.28]

  1. What did I Change?

    Added the Companys as new one
    Adjusted the Logos
    Fine tuned the Container Frames
    Added Mol Contaiener
    Added Super Heavy Decal
    Added ADR Decal on Tank and more dirt
    Added dirt on Long Vehicle Sign

  2. Should be fun to watch the comments on this one seeing it’s for a ###### b.s. payware mod.

    1. Every simple being has it’s right to an own opinion. So relax and take some Popcorn like me.

      And ppl discussing on a Skin about the mod the Skin is for… yeah. Start reading up again :D

    2. Thx, and they aren’t really cheap either.

  3. Gay skins from Europe, they are not USA,, trailer is not American… cucked… otherwise quite nice if your from cucksville Europe…

    1. With Trailer is not real US youre right but.. I like and if you do not then you should have no Problem to buy them or download my Skin.

      Also as I told to Freddy, if you tell me Companys that fit more on America then my feel free to post. But plz Focus on Intermodular Transport Containers.

      Cheers Woha

    2. TheBanditMan67

      you do know these are australian trailers not european

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    This is a something for an RTA mod, so this has no use at all to place it here

    This proofs that this site isn’t independent at all

    I rest my case

    1. What you think means?

      Right sharing mods for A T S, located in Lithuania.

      If ppl have problems getting ridiculous 6bugs for an mod why you ignore other ppl? Do you think youre the only on this side? Maybe ppl like this skin and still have this trailer mod…

      As I wrote I am thankful for any feedback I tought falsley everybody understand: Related feedback to my skin edit! Cause this is my first f*cking mod and for sure tha last I share on this unthankfull area here ;)

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    RTA are thiefs! Who accuse innocent people ofleaking their mods, i am 1 of them.

    They took over $ 50,– from me, by accepting money and don’t deliver, i know i’m ######, but accusations are false. And i will be not the only 1 who is by Mr.Oleg Verhovodof and friens.

    And than we have son of a B.tch Pauly aka Paul Stokes who thinks he owns all websites and may humilliate peoplein the open!

    And for You if You make a mod, keep it to the subject! Skins for AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR, so make skins from AMERICAN COMPANIES!

    1. Calm down nothing YOU did, why ever you did this, have to do with MY Skin edit Sir!

      If your tell me Skins that fit more on the America then my… we talk about the same if no, you will be ignored.

      And plz no 1000th Wallmart, FedEx, Ups Skin this are Containers. Geting used to the Limit and they go over the world.
      If you think yeah Woha comone we use them just to transfere from Rail to Company or Port to Company yeah this could be an addon for my edit but plz stop whining about rta. If you have Problems with that use professiolan help… #### expensive to get professional help is it? Then do it like me, drink a beer and calm down. If it do not help, repeat!

      My next Skin addon, to get back on that why I’m here…:
      will be a Schneider Skin on Container, cause I like the work from Dogface for the Trucks and want to Combine it with my work… But it will be a ##### rosty Container for sure…

      1. Deadmarsh


  6. So everyone here is talking #### to this guy about rta and this is just a skin??
    Im confused its not like he stole the mod or anything. so if you have issues with them it sounds like you should take it up with them. not Woha

    1. Thx dab.
      And no I do not steal I like the work RTA and also other Modders do.
      This here is just an additional Skin Pack for this trailers.

      And a free mod should not be for everyone as self-evident.
      Modders spend the private time, have costs for Modding software and Photo software.
      Everyone say I want all for free… Check for example costs of cs or what z3 modeller cost per month ;)

      Sure they are free software but if I compare my free work with fantastic work of other Skinners working with… nothing more to say ;)

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